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Do you have any recommendations for how to move data off the PromethION 24/48 in real time during a sequencing run?
Why are so many of my reads "unclassified" by WIMP?
What is read alignment?
Should I QC my data and what tools to use?
Should I filter my reads before analysis?
Can I detect structural variation (SV)?
Can I detect SNP/indels (insertions and deletions)?
Can I detect modified bases?
What tools are available for assessing the performance of the Cas9 targeted sequencing experiment?
What is the expected coverage for the region of interest from Cas9 target sequencing and how can it be assessed?
What is genomic sequence assembly?
What is assembly polishing (consensus improvement)?
How do I analyse transcriptomic data?
Why do my reads end up in the “fast5_skip”, “queued_reads” or “tmp” folder?
My flow cells are loaded into the PromethION, but I cannot select them in the GUI. They have stayed greyed out?
What folder are my reads in?
What data are in the pings sent to Oxford Nanopore?
Can I get my sequencing data in FASTQ format?
Where can I find out more about quality scores?
What is basecalling?
What is a fast5 file?
Recover raw reads for Windows
Recover raw reads for Linux, Mac, and Mk1C
How can I demultiplex barcoded samples?
What is a consensus sequence?
How can I view and interact with fast5 files?
What should I do if I want to enrich for only a single genome by using adaptive sampling?
What factors affect whether I will see an improvement with adaptive sampling?
What can I try if I am not getting my entire region of interest enriched when using adaptive sampling?
What can I do with adaptive sampling (formerly referred to as "read until")?
If I also want to align to my genome of interest when adaptive sampling is on, do I have to specify alignment as well?
How many more bases on target can I get when using adaptive sampling?
Log Files
What are the network requirements to connect remotely to my sequencer via Connection Manager?
How do I export a run report for a sequencing run?
How do I enable live GPU basecalling on MinION Mk1B?
How do I change the Q-score filter when running stand-alone Guppy?
What does the “error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file” message mean when running the…
How can I obtain the MAC address of my Mk1C device?
How much SSD space will my run take up?
How I can determine the number of reads that are being rejected due to adaptive sampling?
Where is the sequencing_summary.txt file located?
How to use a sample sheet (.csv file) to fill out sample names in MinKNOW
What's the minimum fragment length that can be used with WIMP?
At what point of the sequencing should we use the Desktop Agent for EPI2ME?
Can I run multiple MinIONs in parallel?
What is the cost of the software?
Why do I get a “CUDA_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY” error when running Guppy with GPU?
How can I obtain a Registration Code?
Does Metrichor utilise customer uploads for its own purposes?
What should I do if translocation speed goes up?
Why do I get a "file operation is still pending" message asking me to restart when I try to install MinKNOW?
Is there a way to view my Mk1C sequencing run on a bigger screen?
How do I export logs from the Mk1C?
How do I change the directory for the reads folder?
Why is the Experiment and Samples upload method showing no folders in EPI2ME?
How do I upgrade the software on GridION?
How do I open the Agent 3.0 when using Ubuntu?
How many flow cells can I basecall in real time on the PromethION?
Can data from Oxford Nanopore's sequencing devices be analysed and visualized in real-time?
How do I check if my pod5 file was generated using the 4 kHz or 5 kHz sampling rate?
What version of MinKNOW was my pod5 file generated with?
My experiment randomly stopped acquiring data during the run