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What is assembly polishing (consensus improvement)?
What is assembly polishing (consensus improvement)?
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Assembly polishing is the processing of a draft sequence assembly, typically a draft genome. It typically involves analysing a draft assembly (or region assembly) to remove artifacts of the assembly process and improve local accuracy and overall consensus accuracy of the draft assembled sequence.

Consensus generation can also be applied to specific regions of interest, by combining multiple exact copies of a single original fragment or molecule into a single high-quality sequence.

Tools used to generate the draft assembled sequence may have specific recommendations as to which tools should be used to polish the respective assembly.

For assembly and polishing recommendations, please see the respective workflow, or review our Applications page for recommendations. Our analysis platform EPI2ME Labs also has information and workflows on assembly and polishing.

(For third-party tools, please see their GitHub pages for installation and usage. To address any issues with these and other third-party tools, please post to the Issues tab on the individual GitHub repositories as we cannot offer support for third-party software.)

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