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How do I change the directory for the reads folder?
How do I change the directory for the reads folder?
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Adjusting the location of ONLY the final fast5/fastq files

If you wish to change the directory where you would like only the final fast5 and fastq files saved, you can do this within the Output tab in MinKNOW when starting an experiment, as seen in the picture below.

Please note your temporary and intermediate files will still be output to the originally specified location in the user_conf file, so this MUST be a minimum 1 TB SSD.

MinKNOW save path

Adjusting the location of ALL files

The filepaths specified below in the user_conf file are where all of your reads, including any intermediate and temporary files, generated during sequencing will be output to.

This can be adjusted when first installing MinKNOW, after performing a full uninstall and reinstall, or by directly editing the config file like so:

*Navigate to the user_conf file*

Windows: C:\ProgramFiles\OxfordNanopore\MinKNOW\conf\user_conf

Mac: /Applications/

Ubuntu: /opt/ont/minknow/conf/user_conf

To change this location open user_conf with a file editor such as Notepad.

Near the top, where it says "base", please alter the "value0" file directory to the desired directory, making sure to leave the "" on either side of the directory location.

Leave all other settings untouched, save the file, and restart your computer.

Please note that the drive specified must be 1 TB internal SSD, or greater, to avoid any data loss.

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