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How do I export a run report for a sequencing run?
How do I export a run report for a sequencing run?
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Starting with MinKNOW software versions 20.06, the pdf report can be exported by navigating to the Experiment Page.

From there you will hover the mouse over the run you want to generate a report for, right-click to produce a drop-down menu, and select Export PDF.

If you are using the Mk1C, then you will press on the experiment from the list for 5 seconds to produce the drop-down list and select Export PDF.

Export PDF

As of MinKNOW software version 21.06 the manual PDF export and MUX scan buttons have been added to the option bar in the Experiments Page for ease of access.

new pdf export

Previous sequencing runs will remain listed and available for export from the Experiment Page in MinKNOW until the MinKNOW service has been stopped due to being closed, rebooted, or updated.

As of MinKNOW software version 21.10, past experiments will now be available when the software is updated or the device is rebooted. It will be possible to find all past experiments and export previous run reports.

By default, experiments from the last 7 days are shown, but this can be configured and past experiments can also be easily found using the Search box.

As of MinKNOW software version 22.03, the reports have transitioned from a pdf format to an HTML format. This format will allow for both online and offline report viewing, and will also support printing the report. Reports will automatically export at the end of the run and can be manually exported at any time using the Export Run Report feature on the MinKNOW Experiment Page.

New Experiment Page
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