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Library prep
Library prep
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How important are the Eppendorf DNA LoBind® 1.5 ml tubes?
What is the concentration of Lambda?
What are the 16S sequencing primers?
What does it mean if pores are becoming saturated?
What should I do if a white precipitate appears when adding the adapter ligation mix to the dA-tailed DNA?
Why are four cuts recommended for the Excision approach?
The difference between LA and NA
Why do we use two pools of probes instead of just one on the tiling method?
What is the Native Barcoding Expansion kit 96 (EXP-NBD196)?
What is the purpose of the Ligation Sequencing Kit XL (SQK-LSK109-XL)?
What is the purpose of the SFB (Short Fragment Buffer) Expansion kit (EXP-SFB001)?
What is the Lambda DNA control (LMD)?
How important is the quality of my DNA/RNA?
What is RNA CS (RCS)?
What is the minimum gDNA input?
What is pore occupancy and how to improve it?
Where do I find protocols?
Do I have to run CTC and Lambda Control Experiment?
Can I store my DNA library?
What is the RNA integrity number (RIN)?
What are the key improvements in PCR-cDNA Sequencing Kit (SQK-PCS111)?
What are the features of the new wash kit EXP-WSH004?
What is new with EXP-AUX003?
Can RNA be stored prior to sequencing?
What are the features of Flow Cell Wash Kit XL (EXP-WSH004-XL)?
Can total RNA be used as input with the RNA or cDNA kits?
Why do I have low pore occupancy?
Do freezing and thawing cycles affect DNA stability?
What are the features and protocol for the Ultra-Long DNA Sequencing Kit (SQK-ULK114)?
What are the primer sequences used in the Direct RNA, PCR cDNA, and Direct cDNA Kits?
What are the tailing primers sequences?
My library preparation method requires 3rd party reagents, how many reactions worth should I order?
Can I use more DNA than the amount indicated in the protocol?
What are the features of the Native Barcoding Auxiliary Kit V14 (EXP-NBA114)?
Can I use small fragments of DNA with the Rapid Sequencing Kit?
What is the difference between LIB and LIS in the protocols for SQK-LSK114?
What are the features of the Flongle Sequencing Expansion (EXP-FSE002)?
Do I have to use SPRI beads for the purification step during library prep?
What’s new in SQK-LSK110 and what’s the same as in SQK-LSK109?
What are the features of the Rapid Barcoding Kit 96 (SQK-RBK114.96)?
When working with long fragments of DNA, do I have to use wide board tips?
Are there alternate shearing methods to the Covaris g-Tube for gDNA fragmentation?
Why do I observe a decrease in throughput when preparing long DNA library fragments?
What is the effect of the presence of rRNA on RNA/cDNA library preparation?
Can I use alternative equipment and consumables to the ones recommended in the protocol?
How much adapter should I use for short amplicons?
What are the adapter sequences used in the kits?
What are the recommended extraction methods?
What is the best stop point during the library preparation step?
Can I skip the end-prep step?
What is DNA CS (DCS)?
Can the ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex be stored?
Which protocol should I use?
Is the barcoding kit compatible with cDNA libraries?
Information on the SQK-LSK109 and SQK-LSK110 kits