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How do I flash a microSD card to reset my Mk1C?
How do I flash a microSD card to reset my Mk1C?
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Please see the video below for a tutorial on how to flash a microSD card to reset your Mk1C device. You can find the latest images to use, containing the latest versions of MinKNOW available here to download and flash to your microSD card.

Please ensure that you have backed up your data and collected the log files before attempting the rebuild.

Troubleshooting Steps

I don’t have a microSD card / SD card adapter

Please reach out to technical services regarding ordering a microSD card. Please note, that you might receive a microSD card with a recent version of MinKNOW but, not the latest. Therefore you will need to update upon receipt. Additionally, please be aware that delivery can take up to a month depending on location and tracking may also not be available depending on your jurisdiction.

Adapters are available online:

Blank MicroSD cards:

Full microSD card capacity not showing

Likely due to the volume previously being used with different partitions. (e.g., microSD card was previously used to hold another image). You will need to reformat and repartition microSD card.

  1. Check label on microSD card to see full size (please ensure 16GB or larger)

  2. Ensure using SDHC (SD high capacity) adapter that supports full size of microSD card

  3. On Windows:

    a. press windows key + 'r' simultaneously bring up run command

    1. type diskmgmt.msc and press enter

    2. Look for a ‘removable’ disk that has the same capacity as the microSD card

d. Right click and press Delete Volume... of the partitions until you are left with a single partition

e. right click and press Format... select file system as exFAT to enable file sizes of greater than 4GB and interoperability with the Mk1C. Press OK.

Repartitioning and reformatting will remove all data. Please ensure you are confident you are erasing the correct volume as you may accidentally remove data from an important hard drive.

4. On Mac:

a. Press command + 'space' to open up the spotlight search tool to locate 'Disk'

b. Under the ‘External’ drop down on the left-hand side pane, locate the microSD card with the correct capacity.

c. Click 'Erase' on the top tool bar

d. Select Format as ‘ExFAT’ and scheme as ‘GUID Partition Map’, then select ‘Erase’

My microSD card cannot be written to

If you see the following error message when trying to flash a microSD card and you’re using a microSD to SD card adapter

Push the tab to the top position on the left hand side of the SD card adapter. This will disable write protection

I cannot install the Balena Etcher software on my computer

Please ensure you have the necessary permissions on your computer to install software applications on your computer. If you are using a machine provided by your institution you may require admin rights to install the software.

I was not presented with the reset options after plugging in my microSD card

  1. Check what operating system your Mk1C is currently using with the FAQ here.

    1. If your Mk1C is using Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) you will need to use a specific 16.04->18.04 image due to the limitations of operating system.

  2. Check the operating system in the image matches the current operating system on your Mk1C. (i.e. ‘sdcard_220111-1123_21.11.6_bionic_std_upgd.img’).

  3. Usually failure to recognise the microSD card is due to accidentally missing a step so please confirm all the steps in the tutorial video been followed.

  4. Reach out to technical support at

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