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I can not correct the date and time on my Mk1C
I can not correct the date and time on my Mk1C
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Navigate to ‘Device Settings’ tab using the panel on the left of the user interface. Check the date and time are correct for your region as per the image below.

If your date / time is incorrect, please click on the ‘change date and time’ button and either enter the correct date or time manually or connect to network time protocol server (NTP) through the UI or SSH.

If changing the timezone via SSH the following commands need to be run, where Europe/London is replaced by your local region from this webpage:

sudo timedatectl set-timezone Europe/London

sudo timedatectl

note: enter the password minit (default) when prompted or alternatively use your device specific password if you have changed it.

Warning: If you try and use the change time zone button, there is a known issue whereby the device is stuck in a loop trying to update. Please either connect a keyboard to the Mk1C and press ‘ctrl’ + 'r' to refresh. Alternatively, please power cycle the device. This will be resolved in future versions of MinKNOW.

Please contact the support team via Live Chat on our website if you require further assistance.

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