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MinION temperature control
MinION temperature control
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If the Temperature History in the MinKNOW GUI is:

- Too low, place the MinION on an insulating surface e.g. polystyrene, and divert any airflows away from the device.

- Too high, place the MinION on a conductive surface e.g. a metal sheet, and increase the airflow around the device.

- Below 36 °C, the script will be delayed until the flow cell reaches the target temperature. Make sure to equilibrate the flow cell between 19 °C and 22 °C.

- Above 37 °C, restart the run. If the temperature does not change, please contact the support team via Live Chat on our website.

You can read more about the components for temperature control here.

If at the start of the sequencing run, the system messages state that the device was not able to reach temperature within 300 seconds, but the sequencing run still starts, then you are safe to proceed with sequencing.

Monitor the Temperature History in MinKNOW during the run to ensure the heatsink temperature remains in range.

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