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What is the GridION Mk1?
What is the GridION Mk1?
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GridION™ Mk1 is a compact benchtop sequencing system.

The device allows up to five sequencing experiments to be run concurrently or individually.

GridION Mk1 also allows for individual lab use or for offering nanopore sequencing as a service.

The five sequencing ports on the GridION Mk1 are compatible with MinION Flow Cells or Flongle adapters with flow cells.

The device also contains a high-performance integrated computer and basecalling accelerator to enable basecalling to complete in real-time during sequencing using the fast model.

The current chemistry and software enable the generation of up to 150 Gbases of data during a full GridION Mk1 run with 5 flow cells.

Please review the GridION Mk1 Technical Specification for more details.

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