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What is the PromethION?
What is the PromethION?
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The PromethION is Oxford Nanopore’s ultra-high throughput benchtop sequencing device capable of running multiple large format flow cells, each delivering > 100 Gb in a single run.

Using the same core technology as the MinION and GridION, the PromethION offers real-time, long-read, high-fidelity DNA and RNA sequencing.

The device comes in two sizes: the PromethION 24 (P24) can run up to 24 flow cells simultaneously while the PromethION 48 (P48) can run up to 48 flow cells at a time (and 96 per week).

With each flow cell position occupied, over the course of a 72-hour run the P24 and P48 can generate over 5 Tb and 10 Tb, respectively.

While the PromethION can generate record-breaking amounts of data when run at capacity, the device also allows for unparalleled flexibility, each flow cell position is individually addressable, enabling the user to run multiple sample types and experiments simultaneously without needing to fill the entire sequencer.

Avoiding the need for batching allows users to run samples as soon as they have them in hand, cutting down on turnaround time and minimizing cost per sample.

With its incredible output, simplicity of use, intuitive software interface, and minimal sample prep, the PromethION can accommodate a wide range of projects, from population-scale genomics to scRNA-seq experiments to epigenetics research and beyond.

The PromethION’s flexibility and ease of use also allow users to offer Nanopore sequencing as a service.

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