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Do I need any specific lab requirements to run the PromethION?
Do I need any specific lab requirements to run the PromethION?
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The PromethION is a much larger, higher throughput device than other Oxford Nanopore Technologies devices.

As a result, some basic facility requirements are needed for suitable running of the PromtheION; these are described below.

PromethION can deliver several Terabytes of data within a 72-hour run time; the internal storage of the PromethION is intended to act as a buffer only.

Therefore, to ensure confluency in data acquisition, both fast data trafficking technology (10 Gbps) and high capacity (10s of Terabytes) storage servers are essential for efficient running and data collection from a PromethION.

In addition to these specifications, general laboratory integration is necessary and as such, requirements like a stable physical support (for the 25 kg tower and 25 kg sequencing unit) and peripherals, such as a mouse, keyboard, and VGA monitor, are needed.

The PromethION is designed to sequence at +18 °C to +22 °C, and 40% to 60% humidity. We recommend providing 30 cm clearance around all sides of the device for proper temperature regulation.

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