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What is VolTRAX V2 and what are the key advantages?
What is VolTRAX V2 and what are the key advantages?
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The VolTRAX V2 is a small USB-powered device utilizes VolTRAX cartridges to allow automation of laboratory processes upstream of nanopore sequencing and operates without an internet connection.

Currently, VolTRAX V2 is capable of library preparation using rapid kit chemistry and is in development to enable library preparation with a wider variety of kit chemistries and sample extraction.

VolTRAX is designed to reduce hands-on sample preparation time and improve the reproducibility of results. Predefined protocols (or custom protocols in the future) can be utilized, enabling complete optimization of sample preparation and the development of novel methods.

For more information, please refer to the VolTRAX V2 Technical document and the VolTRAX V2 protocol.

Specific advantages VolTRAX offers over hand-made nucleic acid library preparations include:

1. Automation of mixing and separation between reagents.

2. High levels of reproducibility for nucleic acid library preparations.

3. Portability, due to its size, weight, and robust structure.

4. Providing a controlled environment that prevents nucleic acid contamination and fragmentation.

These features improve overall efficiency for library preparation, facilitating high-quality, reproducible DNA libraries required for good nanopore sequencing results. Finally, it broadens the range of environments in which a library can be prepared.

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