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What are the features of the Cas9 Sequencing Kit (SQK-CS9109)?
What are the features of the Cas9 Sequencing Kit (SQK-CS9109)?
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The Cas9 Sequencing Kit (SQK-CS9109) provides a convenient targeted sequencing approach and is suitable for:

1. targeting specific regions for which PCR amplification is not feasible, such as regions containing highly repetitive sequences or detection of modified base is of interest

2. 1-10 µg of high-quality gDNA is available

By including the reagents required for Cas9 digestion and input fragment preparation, SQK-CS9109 is a more cost-effective approach as compared with the previously released Cas9-targeted sequencing method, in which a range of reagents need to be ordered from third parties and used in combination with the Ligation Sequencing Kit, SQK-LSK109 or SQK-LSK110.

The Cas9-targeted sequencing system achieves the best coverage for target regions of 5-20 kb by cutting twice at either end.

When only one end of the region is known, a single cut and read-out approach is possible. If target regions longer than 20 kb are of interest, a tiling approach can be used together with highly intact starting DNA material.

All those approaches and detailed guidance on the Cas9-targeted sequencing system are available in the Targeted, amplification-free DNA sequencing using CRISPR/Cas document. The SQK-CS9109 protocol can be found here.

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