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What is RNA CS (RCS)?
What is RNA CS (RCS)?
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The RNA CS (RCS) is the RNA Calibration Strand is the Enolase II from YHR174W. This is extracted from the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae. The reference fasta file for YHR174W ENO2 is available for download here.

In RCS, the pA tail is 30-base long. Shipping and storage may cause some degradation of the length.

RCS is included in the Direct RNA Sequencing kit, SQK-RNA002, and the discontinued PCR-cDNA Barcoding Kit, SQK-PCB109 at a concentration of 50 ng/μL. The RNA Control Expansion (EXP-RCS001) includes three tubes of RCS at a concentration of 15 ng/μL.

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