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Information on the SQK-LSK109 and SQK-LSK110 kits
Information on the SQK-LSK109 and SQK-LSK110 kits
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SQK-LSK110 shows increased robustness for all insert sizes as compared with


What's New:

• Fuel-Fix adapter (AMX-F) reduces fuel turnover with molecules that are not actively sequencing.

• Separation of ‘Fuel’ from ‘catalyst’: Catalyst moved from the previous Sequencing Buffer (SQB) to new Loading Beads (LBII) and Loading Solution (LS).

• Loading Solution (LS) only contains the catalyst and can be used if customers do not use Loading Beads, e.g. when loading ultra-long or viscous samples.

Important: if previously, water instead of LB in the SQK-LSK109 kit was used to load libraries, after switching to SQK-LSK110, LS must be used instead of water.

• Flow Cell Priming Kit (EXP-FLP002) is included in the same box as SQK-LSK110.

What’s the Same:

• Number of reactions

• Price

• Third-party reagents

• Preparation time

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